Track qualifications for employees and volunteers with ease

  • Store All In One
    Store WWCCs, first aid, internal training and other important documents in the one place.
  • Automated Verification
    BlueQ provides free and instant verification of WWCCs.
  • Automated Alerts
    Receive notifications when a qualification or accreditation expires or becomes invalid.
  • Personal Accounts
    Each employee and volunteer gets their own account to proactively manage their qualifications and accreditations.

Ensure You Are Compliant with the New Child Safe Standards

The new Child Safe Standards came into effect on 1 January 2017.

BlueQ helps organisations meet the Standards by automatically verifying WWCCs.

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Your Time is Valuable

Stop wasting time and effort making photocopies and updating spreadsheets.

BlueQ elimiates manual processes and frees up your time to focus on providing a great camp experience.

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